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RETURN CONDITIONS OF THE SITE (or any other site in the CHOUETTE COUTURE network).

DISCLAMER:THIS DOCUMENT IS A TRANSLATION OF THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT FOUND AT, by using this site you agree and understand that the document below is a translation, may contain mistakes and in a legal dispute the original document will be used and Romanian law will be applied. The client also understands that the Chouette Couture network may use automated translation tools that are not perfect and it is impossible for them to fully and correctly translate every aspect, meaning and expression of the target language.

1. You have the possibility to return any standard size product within 14 calendar days of receipt, without penalties and without having to cite a reason (before making the return, you must complete the return form attached to your package) If from various considerations, the form is missing, please contact us at You will have to bear only one cost, which is the transport fee for returning the package. The return of the package is made using the same transport service through which the shipment was made.
2. The product must be returned in its original packaging or box. In the case of returning the product in a different packaging than the one in which the product was delivered, the return will only be accepted if the product shows no signs of wear, is not damaged, has all the labels attached and is complete. Acceptance of the return will be accepted after the checks mentioned above.
3. In order for CHOUETTE COUTURE to refund the value of the returned product, it is necessary for you to submit a correct IBAN code in the Return form in which we will refund the amount related to the returned product.
4. We will refund the value of the retu
rned product within a maximum of 14 calendar days from the moment your return arrives at our headquarters in Strada Gheorghe Ghibănescu no. 5, Iași, Romania 700259. The refund will be made by bank transfer.
5. If you want to replace the product with another one:
5.1 You will have to create a new order and mention Product replacement and the unique number of the previous invoice.
5.2 We will replace your product, after the initial order reaches us and is verified.

6. The return may be refused by CHOUETTE COUTURE in the following situations:
6.1. If the product was made according to the customer's measurements, it cannot be returned.
6.2. If the return request exceeds the term of 14 calendar days provided for in art. 1.
6.3. If a product is returned that is not in the same condition in which it was delivered, i.e. with all the labels intact together with all the documents that accompanied the returned product(s).
6.4. The following products will not be accepted for return:
- The identification labels of the product or the packaging or the return label are damaged or missing;
- If the product identification box is damaged or missing;
- Products that show signs of wear, washed or that smell of perfume.
7. If it is found that the conditions mentioned above are not met, the value of the returned products will not be paid, and the parcel will be sent back to the BUYER, who will bear the resending costs.

If you consider that the product does not comply with the Contract at the time of delivery, you must contact us immediately by phone at +40720296723 or by email at and provide the data about the product and the damage it presents.

As soon as we receive the returned product, we will fully analyze it and inform you about your right to have the product replaced or the price refunded (if any) by email within a reasonable period of time. The refund or replacement will take place as soon as possible, without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we confirmed to you by email that you are entitled to a refund or replacement for the non-conforming product.

If the products show any defect, we will reimburse you their full value.

During the discount period, we would like to inform you that the delivery of parcels may be delayed by up to 3-5 working days.

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